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§75C‑2.  Definitions.

When used in this Chapter, andfor the purposes of this Chapter:

(1)        The term"bid" means a written or oral offer or proposal by an exhibitor to adistributor, in response to an invitation to bid for the right to exhibit amotion picture, stating the terms under which the exhibitor will agree toexhibit a motion picture.

(2)        The term "blindbidding" means the bidding for, negotiating for, or offering or agreeingto terms for the licensing or exhibition of, a motion picture if such first runmotion picture has not been trade screened within the State before  any suchevent has occurred.

(3)        The term"distributor" means any person engaged in the business ofdistributing or supplying motion pictures to exhibitors by rental or licensing.

(4)        The term"exhibit" or "exhibition" means showing a motion picture tothe public for a charge.

(5)        The term"exhibitor" means any person engaged in the business of operating oneor more theatres.

(6)        The term"invitation to bid" means a written or oral solicitation orinvitation by a distributor to one or more exhibitors to bid or negotiate forthe right to exhibit a first run motion picture.

(7)        The term"license agreement" means any contract, agreement, understanding orcondition between a distributor and an exhibitor relating to the licensing orexhibition of a motion picture by the exhibitor.

(8)        The term"person" includes one or more individuals, partnerships,associations, societies, trusts, or corporations.

(9)        The term"run" means the continuous exhibition of a motion picture in adefined geographic area for a specified period of time. A "first run"is the first exhibition of a picture in the designated area, a "secondrun" is the second exhibition and "subsequent runs" aresubsequent exhibitions after the second run.

(10)      The term"theatre" means any establishment in which motion pictures areexhibited to the public regularly for a charge.

(11)      The term "tradescreening" means the showing of a motion picture by a distributor withinthe State which is open to any exhibitor interested in exhibiting the motionpicture. (1979, c. 463, s. 1.)