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Termination of ParentalRights.

§ 7B‑1100.  Legislativeintent; construction of Article.

The General Assembly herebydeclares as a matter of legislative policy with respect to termination ofparental rights:

(1)        The general purposeof this Article is to provide judicial procedures for terminating the legalrelationship between a juvenile and the juvenile's biological or legal parentswhen the parents have demonstrated that they will not provide the degree ofcare which promotes the healthy and orderly physical and emotional well‑beingof the juvenile.

(2)        It is the furtherpurpose of this Article to recognize the necessity for any juvenile to have apermanent plan of care at the earliest possible age, while at the same timerecognizing the need to protect all juveniles from the unnecessary severance ofa relationship with biological or legal parents.

(3)        Action which is inthe best interests of the juvenile should be taken in all cases where theinterests of the juvenile and those of the juvenile's parents or other personsare in conflict.

(4)        This Article shallnot be used to circumvent the provisions of Chapter 50A of the GeneralStatutes, the Uniform Child‑Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. (1977,c. 879, s. 8; 1979, c. 110, s. 6; 1998‑202, s. 6; 1999‑223, s. 5;1999‑456, s. 60.)