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§ 7B‑2001.  Appointmentof guardian.

In any case when no parent,guardian, or custodian appears in a hearing with the juvenile or when the courtfinds it would be in the best interests of the juvenile, the court may appointa guardian of the person for the juvenile. The guardian shall operate under thesupervision of the court with or without bond and shall file only such reportsas the court shall require. Unless the court orders otherwise, the guardian:

(1)        Shall have the care,custody, and control of the juvenile or may arrange a suitable placement forthe juvenile.

(2)        May represent thejuvenile in legal actions before any court.

(3)        May consent tocertain actions on the part of the juvenile in place of the parent orcustodian, including (i) marriage, (ii) enlisting in the armed forces, and(iii) enrollment in school.

(4)        May consent to anynecessary remedial, psychological, medical, or surgical treatment for thejuvenile.

The authority of the guardianshall continue until the guardianship is terminated by court order, until thejuvenile is emancipated pursuant to Subchapter IV of this Chapter, or until thejuvenile reaches the age of majority. (1979, c. 815, s. 1; 1997‑390,s. 7; 1998‑202, s. 6.)