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Relation to Client.

§ 84‑11.  Authorityfiled or produced if requested.

Every attorney who claims toenter an appearance for any person shall, upon being required so to do, produceand file in the clerk's office of the court in which he claims to enter anappearance, a power or authority to that effect signed by the persons or someone of them for whom he is about to enter an appearance, or by some person dulyauthorized in that behalf, otherwise he shall not be allowed so to do:Provided, that when any attorney claims to enter an appearance by virtue of aletter to him directed (whether such letter purport a general or particularemployment), and it is necessary for him to retain the letter in his ownpossession, he shall, on the production of said letter setting forth suchemployment, be allowed to enter his  appearance, and the clerk shall make anote to that effect upon the docket. (R.C., c. 31, s. 57; Code, s.29; Rev., s. 213; C.S., s. 200.)