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§ 90‑109.1. Treatment.

(a)        A person may request treatment and rehabilitation for drugdependence from a practitioner, and such practitioner or employees thereofshall not disclose the name of such person to any law‑enforcement officeror agency; nor shall such information be admissible as evidence in any court,grand jury, or administrative proceeding unless authorized by the personseeking treatment. A practitioner may undertake the treatment andrehabilitation of such person or refer such person to another practitioner forsuch purpose and under the same requirement of confidentiality.

(b)        An individual who requests treatment or rehabilitation fordrug dependence in a program where medical services are to be an integralcomponent of his treatment shall be examined and evaluated by a practitionerbefore receiving treatment and rehabilitation services. If a practitionerperforms an initial examination and evaluation, the practitioner shallprescribe a proper course of treatment and medication, if needed. Thatpractitioner may authorize another practitioner to provide the prescribedtreatment and rehabilitation services.

(c)        Every practitioner that provides treatment or rehabilitationservices to a person dependent upon drugs shall periodically as required by theSecretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Servicescommencing January 1, 1972, make a statistical report to the Secretary of theNorth Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in such form and manneras the Secretary shall prescribe for each such person treated or to whomrehabilitation services were provided. The form of the report prescribed shallbe furnished by the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health andHuman Services. Such report shall include the number of persons treated or towhom rehabilitation services were provided; the county of such person's legalresidence; the age of such person; the number of such persons treated asinpatients and the number treated as outpatients; the number treated who had receivedprevious treatment or rehabilitation services; and any other data required bythe Secretary. If treatment or rehabilitation services are provided to a personby a hospital, public agency, or drug treatment facility, such hospital, publicagency, or drug treatment facility shall coordinate with the treating medicalpractitioner so that statistical reports required in this section shall notduplicate one another. The Secretary shall cause all such reports to becompiled into periodical reports which shall be a public record. (1971, c. 919, s. 1; 1977, c. 667, s. 3; 1985, c. 439,s. 5; 1997‑443, s. 11A.118(a).)