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§ 90‑113.40B.  Applicant supervision.

The Board shall designate a person as an applicant supervisor ofindividuals applying for registration, certification, or licensure as asubstance abuse professional as follows:

(1)        A certified clinical supervisor shall supervise a clinicalsupervisor intern.

(2)        A certified clinical supervisor or a clinical supervisorintern shall supervise a substance abuse residential facility directorapplicant, a clinical addictions specialist applicant, or a substance abusecounselor applicant.

(3)        Repealed by Session Laws 2005‑431, s. 1, effectiveSeptember 22, 2005.

(4)        A certified substance abuse prevention consultant with aminimum of three years of professional experience, a certified clinicalsupervisor, or a clinical supervisor intern shall supervise a registrantapplying for certification as a prevention consultant.

(5)        Pursuant to the deemed status procedure under G.S. 90‑113.41A,the supervision requirements described in subdivisions (1) through (4) of thissection shall not apply to persons applying for licensure as a licensedclinical addictions specialist.

(6)        A criminal justice addictions professional applicant shallbe supervised by a certified clinical supervisor or clinical supervisor intern.(2001‑370, s. 6; 2005‑431, s. 1.)