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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑113.6. Payments and advances.

(a)        The Attorney General is authorized to pay any person, fromfunds appropriated for the North Carolina Department of Justice,  forinformation concerning a violation of this Article, such sum or sums of moneyas he may find appropriate, without reference to any rewards to which suchpersons may otherwise be entitled by law.

(b)        Moneys expended from appropriations of the North CarolinaDepartment of Justice for the purchase of controlled substances or othersubstances proscribed by this Article which is subsequently recovered shall bereimbursed to the current appropriation for the Department.

(c)        The Attorney General is authorized to direct the advance offunds by the State Treasurer in connection with the enforcement of thisArticle. (1971, c. 919, s.1.)