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Article 9F.

North Carolina Center for Nursing.

§ 90‑171.70.  North Carolina Center for Nursing;establishment; goals.

There is established the North Carolina Center for Nursing to addressissues of supply and demand for nursing, including issues of recruitment,retention, and utilization of nurse manpower resources.  The General Assemblyfinds that the Center will repay the State's investment by providing an ongoingstrategy for the allocation of the State's resources directed towards nursing. The primary goals for the Center shall be:

(1)        To develop a strategic statewide plan for nursing manpowerin North Carolina by:

a.         Establishing and maintaining a database on nursing supplyand demand in North Carolina, to include (i) current supply and demand, and (ii)future projections; and

b.         Selecting priorities from the plan to be addressed.

(2)        To convene various groups representative of nurses, otherhealth care providers, business and industry, consumers, legislators, andeducators to:

a.         Review and comment on data analysis prepared for the Center;

b.         Recommend systemic changes, including strategies forimplementation of recommended changes; and

c.         To evaluate and report the results of these efforts to theGeneral Assembly and others.

(3)        To enhance and promote recognition, reward, and renewalactivities for nurses in North Carolina by:

a.         Promoting continuation of Institutes for Nursing Excellenceprograms as piloted by the Area Health Education Centers in 1989‑90 orsimilar options;

b.         Proposing and creating additional reward, recognition, andrenewal activities for nurses; and

c.         Promoting media and positive image‑building effortsfor nursing. (1991, c. 550, s.3.)