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§ 90‑171.83.  General provisions andjurisdiction.

(a)        A license to practice registered nursing that is issued by ahome state to a resident in that state shall be recognized by each party stateas authorizing a multistate licensure privilege to practice as a registerednurse in each party state. A license to practice practical or vocationalnursing that is issued by a home state to a resident in that state shall berecognized by each party state as authorizing a multistate licensure privilegeto practice as a licensed practical or vocational nurse in each party state. Inorder to obtain or retain a license, an applicant must meet the home state'squalifications for licensure and license renewal as well as all otherapplicable state laws.

(b)        Party states may, in accordance with each state's dueprocess laws, revoke, suspend, or limit the multistate licensure privilege ofany licensee to practice in their state and may take any other actions undertheir applicable state laws that are necessary to protect the health and safetyof their citizens. If a party state takes an action authorized in thissubsection, it shall promptly notify the administrator of the coordinatedlicensure information system. The administrator shall promptly notify the homestate of any actions taken by remote states.

(c)        Every licensee practicing in a party state shall comply withthe state practice laws of the state in which the patient is located at thetime care is rendered. The practice of nursing is not limited to patient care,but shall include all nursing practice as defined by the state practice laws ofa party state. The practice of nursing in a party state shall subject a nurseto the jurisdiction of the nurse licensing board and the laws and the courts inthat party state.

(d)        The Compact does not affect additional requirements imposedby states for advanced‑practice registered nursing. A multistatelicensure privilege to practice registered nursing granted by a party stateshall be recognized by other party states as a license to practice registerednursing if a license to practice registered nursing is required by state law asa precondition for qualifying for advanced‑practice registered nurseauthorization.

(e)        Persons not residing in a party state may continue to applyfor nurse licensure in party states as provided for under the laws of eachparty state. The license granted to such persons shall not be recognized asgranting the privilege to practice nursing in any other party state unlessexplicitly agreed to by that party state. (1999‑245, s. 1.)