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§ 90‑186.  Specialpowers of the Board.

In addition to the powers set forth in G.S. 90‑185 above, theBoard may:

(1)        Fix minimum standards for continuing veterinary medicaleducation for veterinarians and technicians, which shall be a conditionprecedent to the renewal of a veterinary license, limited license, veterinaryfaculty certificate, zoo veterinary certificate, or veterinary technicianregistration, respectively, under this Article;

(2)        Inspect any hospitals, clinics, mobile units or otherfacilities used by any practicing veterinarian, either by a member of the Boardor its authorized representatives, for the purpose of reporting the results ofthe inspection to the Board on a form prescribed by the Board and seekingdisciplinary action for violations of health, sanitary, and medical wastedisposal rules of the Board affecting the practice of veterinary medicine, orviolations of rules of any county, state, or federal department or agencyhaving jurisdiction in these areas of health, sanitation, and medical wastedisposal that relate to or affect the practice of veterinary medicine;

(3)        Upon complaint or information received by the Board,prohibit through summary emergency order of the Board, prior to a hearing, theoperation of any veterinary practice facility that the Board determines isendangering, or may endanger, the public health or safety or the welfare andsafety of animals, and suspend the license of the veterinarian operating theveterinary practice facility, provided that upon the issuance of any summaryemergency order, the Board shall initiate, within 10 days, a notice of hearingunder the administrative rules issued pursuant to this Article and Chapter 150Bof the General Statutes for an administrative hearing on the alleged violation;

(4)        Provide special registration for "veterinarytechnicians," "veterinary student interns" and "veterinarystudent preceptees" and adopt rules concerning the training, registrationand service limits of such assistants while employed by and acting under thesupervision and responsibility of veterinarians.  The Board has exclusivejurisdiction in determining eligibility and qualification requirements forthese assistants.  Renewals of registrations for veterinary technicians shallbe required at least every 24 months, provided that the certificate ofregistration for the veterinary technician is otherwise eligible for renewal;

(5)        Provide, pursuant to administrative rules, requirements forthe inactive status of licenses and limited veterinary licenses;

(6)        Set and require fees pursuant to administrative rule for thefollowing:

a.         Issuance or renewal of a certificate of registration for aprofessional corporation, in an amount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars($150.00).

b.         Administering a North Carolina license examination, in anamount not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).

c.         Securing and administering national examinations, includingthe National Board Examination or the Clinical Competency Test, in amountsdirectly related to the costs to the Board.

d.         Inspection of a veterinary practice facility in an amountnot to exceed seventy‑five dollars ($75.00).

e.         Issuance or renewal of a license or a limited license in anamount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

f.          Issuance or renewal of a veterinary faculty certificate, inan amount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

g.         Issuance or renewal of a zoo veterinary certificate, in anamount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

h.         Reinstatement of an expired license, a limited license, aveterinary faculty certificate, a zoo veterinary certificate, a veterinarytechnician registration, or a professional corporation registration in anamount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00).

i.          Issuance or renewal of a veterinary technicianregistration, in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00).

j.          Issuance of a veterinary student intern registration, in anamount not to exceed twenty‑five dollars ($25.00).

k.         Issuance of a veterinary student preceptee registration, inan amount not to exceed twenty‑five dollars ($25.00).

l.          Late fee for renewal of a license, a limited license, aveterinary technician registration, a veterinary faculty certificate, a zooveterinary certificate, or a professional corporation registration, in anamount not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00).

m.        Issuance of a temporary permit to practice veterinarymedicine in an amount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

n.         Providing copies, upon request, of Board publications, rosters,or other materials available for distribution from the Board, in an amountdetermined by the Board that is reasonably related to the costs of providingthose copies.

                  The fees set under this subdivision for the renewalof a license, a limited license, a registration, or a certificate apply to eachyear of the renewal period.

(7)        Pursuant to administrative rule, to assess and recoveragainst persons holding licenses, limited licenses, temporary permits, or anycertificates issued by the Board, costs reasonably incurred by the Board in theinvestigation, prosecution, hearing, or other administrative action of theBoard in final decisions or orders where those persons are found to haveviolated the Veterinary Practice Act or administrative rules of the Boardissued pursuant to the Act; provided, that all costs shall be the property ofthe Board. (1973, c. 1106, s.1; 1981, c. 767, s. 4; 1987, c. 827, s. 1; 1993, c. 500, s. 8.)