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§ 90‑224.  Examination.

(a)        The applicant forlicensure must be of good moral character, have graduated from an accreditedhigh school or hold a high school equivalency certificate duly issued by agovernmental agency or unit authorized to issue the same, and be a graduate ofa program of dental hygiene in a school or college approved by the Board.

(b)        The Board shallhave the authority to establish in its rules and regulations:

(1)        The form ofapplication;

(2)        The time and placeof examination;

(3)        The type ofexamination;

(4)        The qualificationsfor passing the examination.

(b1)      The Board also maygrant a license to an applicant who is found to have passed an examinationgiven by a Board‑approved regional or national dental hygiene testingagency, provided that the Board deems the regional or national examination tobe substantially equivalent to or an improvement upon the examination given bythe Board, and the applicant meets the other qualifications set forth in thisArticle.

(c)        The Department ofJustice may provide a criminal record check to the Board for a person who hasapplied for a new or renewal license through the Board. The Board shall provideto the Department of Justice, along with the request, the fingerprints of theapplicant, any additional information required by the Department of Justice,and a form signed by the applicant consenting to the check of the criminalrecord and to the use of the fingerprints and other identifying informationrequired by the State or national repositories. The applicant's fingerprintsshall be forwarded to the State Bureau of Investigation for a search of theState's criminal history record file, and the State Bureau of Investigationshall forward a set of the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigationfor a national criminal history check. The Board shall keep all informationpursuant to this subsection privileged, in accordance with applicable State lawand federal guidelines, and the information shall be confidential and shall notbe a public record under Chapter 132 of the General Statutes.

The Department of Justice maycharge each applicant a fee for conducting the checks of criminal historyrecords authorized by this subsection. (1945, c. 639, s. 4; 1971, c. 756, s. 3; 2002‑147,s. 10; 2006‑235, s. 2.)