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§ 90‑240. Examination.

(a)        Applicants to take the examination for dispensing opticiansshall be high school graduates or the equivalent who:

(1)        Have successfully completed a two‑year course oftraining in an accredited school of opticianry with a minimum of 1600 hours or

(2)        Have completed three and one‑half years ofapprenticeship while registered with the Board under a licensed dispensingoptician, with time spent in a recognized school credited as  part of theapprenticeship period or

(3)        Have completed three and one‑half years ofapprenticeship while registered with the Board under the direct supervision ofan optometrist or a physician specializing in ophthalmology, provided thesupervising optometrist or physician elects to operate the apprenticeship underthe same requirements applicable to dispensing opticians.

(b)        The examination shall be confined to such knowledge as isreasonably necessary to engage in preparation and dispensing of optical devicesand shall include the following:

(1)        The skills necessary for the proper analysis ofprescriptions;

(2)        The skills necessary for the dispensing of eyeglasses andcontact lenses; and

(3)        The processes by which the products offered by dispensingopticians are manufactured.

(c)        The examination shall be given at least twice each year atsites and on dates that are publicly announced 60 days in advance.

(d)        Each applicant shall, upon request, receive his or herexamination score on each section of the examination.

(e)        The Board may include as part or all of the examination, anynationally prepared and recognized examination, and will periodically reviewand validate any exam in use by the Board. The Board will credit an applicantwith the score on any national test taken in the last three years to the extentsuch test may be included in the North Carolina exam.

(f)         An applicant for admission on the basis of apprenticeshipshall have worked full time under the supervision of a licensed dispensingoptician, optometrist or physician trained in ophthalmology. An apprenticeshall have obtained experience in ophthalmic fabricating and manufacturingtechniques and processes for no less than six months and shall have gainedexperience in the other activities defined as dispensing herein. (1951, c. 1089, s. 7; 1977, c. 755, s. 3; 1981, c.600, s. 8.)