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§ 90‑270.34. Exemptions from licensure; certain practices exempted.

(a)        The following persons shall be permitted to practicephysical therapy or assist in the practice in this State without obtaining alicense under this Article upon the terms and conditions specified herein:

(1)        Students enrolled in accredited physical therapist orphysical  therapist assistant educational programs, while engaged in completinga clinical requirement for graduation, which must be performed under thesupervision of a licensed physical therapist;

(2)        Physical therapists licensed in other jurisdictions whileenrolled in graduate educational programs in this State that include theevaluation and treatment of patients as part of their experience required forcredit, so long as the student is not at the same time gainfully employed inthis State as a physical therapist;

(3)        Practitioners of physical therapy employed in the UnitedStates armed services, United States Public Health Service, VeteransAdministration or other federal agency, to the extent permitted under federallaw, so long as the practitioner limits services to those directly relating towork with the employing government agency;

(4)        Physical therapists or physical therapist assistantslicensed in other jurisdictions who are teaching or participating in specialphysical therapy education projects, demonstrations or courses in this State,in which their participation in the evaluation and treatment of patients isminimal;

(5)        A physical therapy aide while in the performance of thoseacts and practices specified in G.S. 90‑270.24(5);

(6)        Persons authorized to perform as physical therapists orphysical therapist assistants under the provision of G.S. 90‑ 270.31.

(b)        Nothing in this Article shall be construed to prohibit:

(1)        Any act in the lawful practice of a profession by a personduly licensed in this State;

(2)        The administration of simple massages and the operation ofhealth clubs so long as not intended to constitute or represent the practice ofphysical therapy. (1951, c. 1131, ss.9, 11; 1959, c. 630; 1969, c. 556; 1979, c. 487; 1985, c. 701, s. 1.)