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§ 90‑457.1.  Continuing education.

(a)        Applicants for license renewal shall complete all requiredcontinuing education units during the two calendar years immediately precedingthe license renewal date.

(b)        The Board shall set the minimum hours for study of specificsubjects within the scope of practice of acupuncture. The Board shall set themaximum hours for subjects that have content relating to any health service andare relevant to the practice of acupuncture. In addition to formally organizedcourses, the Board may approve courses, such as personal training innonaccredited programs and teaching diagnosis and treatment, as long as thesecourses have received prior approval by the Board.

(c)        For purposes of this Article, one continuing education unitis defined as one contact hour or 50 minutes.

(d)        The Board may choose to audit the records of any licenseewho has reported and sworn compliance with the continuing educationrequirement. The audit of any licensee shall not take place more than every twoyears.

(e)        Failure to comply with the continuing education requirementsshall prohibit license renewal and result in the license reverting to expiredstatus at the end of the renewal period.

(f)         A licensee may apply to the Board for an extension of timeto complete the portion of continuing education requirements that the licenseeis unable to meet due to such unforeseeable events as military duty, familyemergency, or prolonged illness. The Board may, at its discretion, grant anextension for a maximum of one licensing period. The Board shall receive therequest no later than 30 days before the license renewal date. The applicantshall attest that the request is a complete and accurate statement, and therequest shall contain the following:

(1)        An explanation of the licensee's failure to complete thecontinuing education requirements.

(2)        A list of continuing education courses and hours that thelicensee has completed.

(3)        The licensee's plan for satisfying the continuing educationrequirements. (2005‑379, s. 4.)