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§ 90‑649.  North Carolina Respiratory CareBoard; creation.

(a)        The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board is created. TheBoard shall consist of 10 members as follows:

(1)        Two members shall be respiratory care practitioners.

(2)        Four members shall be physicians licensed to practice inNorth Carolina, and whose primary practice is Pulmonology, Anesthesiology,Critical Care Medicine, or whose specialty is Cardiothoracic Disorders.

(3)        One member shall represent the North Carolina HospitalAssociation.

(4)        One member shall represent the North Carolina Association ofMedical Equipment Services.

(5)        Two members shall represent the public at large.

(b)        Members of the Board shall be citizens of the United Statesand residents of this State. The respiratory care practitioner members shallhave practiced respiratory care for at least five years and shall be licensedunder this Article. The public members shall not be: (i) a respiratory carepractitioner, (ii) an agent or employee of a person engaged in the profession ofrespiratory care, (iii) a health care professional licensed under this Chapteror a person enrolled in a program to become a licensed health careprofessional, (iv) an agent or employee of a health care institution, a healthcare insurer, or a health care professional school, (v) a member of an alliedhealth profession or a person enrolled in a program to become a member of anallied health profession, or (vi) a spouse of an individual who may not serveas a public member of the Board. (2000‑162, s.1; 2003‑384, s. 1.)