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§ 90‑685.  Powers of theCommittee.

The Committee shall have thepower and duty to:

(1)        Administer thisArticle.

(2)        Issueinterpretations of this Article.

(3)        Adopt, amend, orrepeal rules as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Article.

(4)        Employ and fix thecompensation of personnel that the Committee determines is necessary to carryinto effect the provisions of this Article and incur other expenses necessaryto effectuate this Article.

(4a)      Establish thestandards for qualifications and fitness of applicants for licensure,provisional licensure, licensure renewal, and reciprocal licensure.

(5)        Determine thequalifications and fitness of applicants for licensure, provisional licensure,licensure renewal, and reciprocal licensure.

(6)        Issue, renew, deny,suspend, or revoke licenses, order probation, issue reprimands, and carry outany other disciplinary actions authorized by this Article.

(7)        Set fees forlicensure, provisional licensure, reciprocal licensure, licensure renewal, andother services deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of this Article.

(8)        Establish continuingeducation requirements for licensees.

(9)        Establish a code ofethics for licensees.

(10)      Maintain a currentlist of all persons who have been licensed under this Article.

(11)      Conductinvestigations for the purpose of determining whether violations of thisArticle or grounds for disciplining licensees exist.

(12)      Maintain a record ofall proceedings and make available to all licensees and other concerned partiesan annual report of all Committee action.

(13)      Adopt a sealcontaining the name of the Committee for use on all official documents andreports issued by the Committee.

(14)      Summon and issuesubpoenas for the appearance of any witnesses deemed necessary to testifyconcerning any matter to be heard before or inquired into by the Committee.

(15)      Order that anypatient records, documents, or other material concerning any matter to be heardbefore or inquired into by the Committee shall be produced before the Committeeor made available for inspection, notwithstanding any other provisions of lawproviding for the application of any physician‑patient privilege withrespect to such records, documents, or other material. The Committee shallwithhold from public disclosure the identity of a patient, includinginformation relating to dates and places of treatment, or any other informationthat would tend to identify the patient, unless the patient or therepresentative of the patient expressly consents to the disclosure.

(16)      Order a licenseewhose health and effectiveness have been significantly impaired by alcohol,drug addiction, or mental illness to attend and successfully complete atreatment program as deemed necessary and appropriate. (2005‑267, s. 1; 2007‑525,s. 8.)