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§ 90‑689.  Expenses; fees.

(a)        All fees shall be payable to the Medical Board and depositedin the name of the Medical Board in financial institutions designated by theMedical Board as official depositories. These fees shall be used to carry outthe purposes of this Article.

(b)        All salaries, compensation, and expenses incurred or allowedto carry out the purposes of this Article shall be paid by the Medical Boardexclusively out of the fees received by the Medical Board as authorized by thisArticle or funds received from other sources. In no case shall any salary,expense, or other obligation authorized by this Article be charged against theState treasury.

(c)        The Committee, upon the approval of the Medical Board, shallestablish fees not exceeding the following amounts:

(1)        License application                                   $350.00

(2)        Biennial renewal of license                        $350.00

(3)        Late renewal of license                             $100.00

(4)        Provisional license                                    $175.00

(5)        Copies of rules                                               Cost.

(2005‑267, s. 1.)