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§ 90‑85.34A. Public health pharmacy practice.

(a)        A registered nurse in a local health department clinic maydispense prescription drugs and devices, other than controlled substances asdefined in G.S. 90‑87, under the following conditions:

(1)        The registered nurse has training acceptable to the Board inthe labeling and packaging of prescription drugs and devices;

(2)        Dispensing by the registered nurse shall occur only at alocal health department clinic;

(3)        Only prescription drugs and devices contained in a formularyrecommended by the Department of Health and Human Services and approved by theBoard shall be dispensed;

(4)        The local health department clinic shall obtain a pharmacypermit in accordance with G.S. 90‑85.21;

(5)        Written procedures for the storage, packaging, labeling anddelivery of prescription drugs and devices shall be approved by the Board; and

(6)        The pharmacist‑manager, or another pharmacist at hisdirection, shall review dispensing records at least weekly, provideconsultation where appropriate, and be responsible to the Board for alldispensing activity at the local health department clinic.

(b)        This section is applicable only to prescriptions issued onbehalf of persons receiving local health department clinic services and issuedby an individual authorized by law to prescribe drugs and devices.

(c)        This section does not affect the practice of nursepractitioners pursuant to G.S. 90‑18.2 or of physician assistantspursuant to G.S. 90‑18.1. (1985, c. 359; 1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 1004, s. 2; 1997‑443,s. 11A.22.)