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§ 90‑9.2.  Requirementsfor graduates of foreign medical schools.

(a)        To be eligible forlicensure under this section, an applicant who is a graduate of a medicalschool not approved by the Liaison Commission on Medical Education, theCommittee for the Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools, or the AmericanOsteopathic Association shall submit proof satisfactory to the Board that theapplicant:

(1)        Has successfullycompleted three years of training in a medical education program approved bythe Board after graduation from medical school;

(2)        Is of good moralcharacter;

(3)        Has a currentlyvalid standard certificate of Educational Commission for Foreign MedicalGraduates (ECFMG); and

(4)        Is able tocommunicate in English.

(b)        The Board may waiveECFMG certification if the applicant:

(1)        Has passed the ECFMGexamination and successfully completed an approved Fifth Pathway Program. Theapplicant is required to provide the original ECFMG Certification Status Reportfrom the ECFMG; or

(2)        Has been licensed inanother state on the basis of written examination before the establishment ofECFMG in 1958.

(c)        The Board may, byrule, require an applicant to comply with other requirements or submitadditional information the Board deems appropriate. (2007‑346, s. 9.)