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§ 90A‑51.  Definitions.

The words and phrases definedbelow shall when used in this Article have the following meaning unless thecontext clearly indicates otherwise:

(1)        "Board"means the Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners.

(2)        "Certificate ofregistration" means a document issued by the Board as evidence ofregistration and qualification to practice as a registered environmental healthspecialist or a registered environmental health specialist intern under thisArticle. The certificate shall bear the designation "RegisteredEnvironmental Health Specialist" or "Registered Environmental HealthSpecialist Intern" and show the name of the person, date of issue, serialnumber, seal, and signatures of the members of the Board.

(2a)      "Environmentalhealth practice" means the provision of environmental health services,including administration, organization, management, education, enforcement, andconsultation regarding environmental health services provided to or for thepublic. These services are offered to prevent environmental hazards and promoteand protect the health of the public in the following areas: food, lodging, andinstitutional sanitation; on‑site wastewater treatment and disposal; milkand dairy sanitation; shellfish sanitation; recreational water quality; publicswimming pool sanitation; childhood lead poisoning prevention; well permittingand inspection; tattoo parlor sanitation; and all other areas of environmentalhealth requiring the delegation of authority by the Division of EnvironmentalHealth to State and local environmental health professionals to enforce rulesadopted by the Commission for Public Health or the Environmental ManagementCommission. The definition also includes local environmental healthprofessionals enforcing rules of local boards of health for on‑sitewastewater systems and wells.

(2b)      "Environmentalhealth specialist" means a public health professional who meets theeducational requirements under this Article and has attained specializedtraining and acceptable environmental health field experience effectively toplan, organize, manage, provide, execute, and evaluate one or more of the manydiverse elements comprising the field of environmental health practice.

(3)        Repealed by SessionLaws 2009‑443, s. 2, effective August 7, 2009.

(4)        "Registeredenvironmental health specialist" means an environmental health specialistregistered in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

            Forpurposes of this Article the following are not included within the definitionof "registered environmental health specialist" unless the person isworking as an environmental health specialist:

a.         A person teaching,lecturing, or engaging in research.

b.         A person who is asanitary engineer, public health engineer, public health engineering assistant,registered professional engineer, industrial hygienist, health physicist,chemist, epidemiologist, toxicologist, geologist, hydrogeologist, wastemanagement specialist, or soil scientist.

c.         A public healthofficer or public health department director.

d.         A person who holds aNorth Carolina license to practice medicine, veterinary medicine, or nursing.

e.         Laboratory personnelwhen performing or supervising the performance of sanitation related laboratoryfunctions.

(5)        "Registeredenvironmental health specialist intern" means a person who possesses thenecessary educational qualifications as prescribed in G.S. 90A‑53, butwho has not completed the experience and specialized training requirements inthe field of public health sanitation as required for registration.  (1959, c. 1271, s. 1; 1981(Reg. Sess., 1982), c. 1274, s. 2; 1989, c. 545, s. 1; 2009‑443, s. 2.)