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§ 90A‑74.  Powers andduties of the Board.

The Board shall have thefollowing general powers and duties:

(1)        To adopt rules inthe manner prescribed by Chapter 150B of the General Statutes to govern itsactions and to implement the provisions of this Article.

(2)        To determine theeligibility requirements for persons seeking certification pursuant to thisArticle.

(3)        To establish gradelevels of certifications based on design capacity, complexity, projected costs,and other features of approved on‑site wastewater systems.

(4)        To develop andadminister examinations for each grade level of certification. The Board mayapprove applications by recognized associations for certification of itsmembers after a review of the requirements of the association to ensure thatthey are equivalent to the requirements of the Board.

(5)        To issue, renew,deny, restrict, suspend, or revoke certifications and to carry out any of theother actions authorized by this Article.

(6)        To establish,publish, and enforce rules of professional conduct of persons who are certifiedpursuant to this Article.

(7)        To maintain a recordof all proceedings and make available to persons certified under this Article,and to other concerned parties, an annual report of all Board action.

(8)        To establishreasonable fees for application, certification, and renewal, and other servicesprovided by the Board.

(9)        To conductinvestigations to determine whether violations of this Article or grounds fordisciplining persons certified under this Article exist.

(10)      To adopt a commonseal containing the name of the Board for use on all certificates and officialreports issued by the Board.

(11)      To conduct otherservices necessary to carry out the purposes of this Article. (2006‑82, s. 1.)