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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90A‑78.  Certificationrenewal.

(a)        Renewal. – Allcertifications shall expire at intervals determined by the Board unless theyare renewed. In no event may the interval determined by the Board be less thanone year. To renew a certification, a contractor or inspector must meet all ofthe following conditions:

(1)        Submit anapplication for renewal on the form prescribed by the Board.

(2)        Meet the continuingeducation requirements prescribed by the Board.

(3)        Pay thecertification renewal fee.

(b)        Late Fee. – Acontractor or inspector with an expired certificate may renew the certificationwithin 90 days of its expiration upon payment of a late fee set by the Board.The late fee shall not exceed twenty‑five dollars ($25.00). If acertification is not renewed within 90 days of its expiration, thecertification shall not be renewed, and the holder must apply for a newcertificate. (2006‑82,s. 1.)