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State Codes and Statutes

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§93A‑53.  Register of applicants; roster of registrants; registeredprojects; financial report to Secretary of State.

(a)        The ExecutiveDirector of the Commission shall keep a register of all applicants forcertificates of registration, showing for each the date of application, name,business address, and whether the certificate was granted or refused.

(b)        The ExecutiveDirector of the Commission shall also keep a current roster showing the nameand address of all time share projects registered with the Commission. Theroster shall be kept on file in the office of the Commission and be open topublic inspection.

(c)        On or before thefirst day of September of each year, the Commission shall file with theSecretary of State a copy of the roster of time share projects registered withthe Commission and a report containing a complete statement of income receivedby the Commission in connection with the registration of time share projectsfor the preceding fiscal year ending June 30th attested by the affidavit of theExecutive Director of the Commission. The report shall be made a part of thoseannual reports required under the provisions of G.S. 93A‑ 5. (1983,c. 814, s. 1.)