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Chapter 455 — BuildingCode












455.010     Definitionsfor ORS chapter 455


455.020     Purpose;scope of application; exceptions; scope of rules; fees by rule


455.022     Appropriationof program fees established by department rule


455.030     Rulemaking;notice; content; code distribution; amendment process


455.035     Effectivedate of rules


455.040     Statebuilding code preempts local ordinances and rules; exemptions; criteria


455.042     Statebuilding code administrative regions


455.044     Tri-CountyBuilding Industry Service Center; fees


455.046     Installationlabels; standardized forms and procedures; use of Tri-County Building IndustryService Center resources


455.048     Rules


455.050     Buildingpermits; content


455.055     Uniformpermit, inspection and certificate of occupancy requirements; rules


455.060     Rulingson acceptability of material, design or method of construction; effect ofapproval; fees


455.065     Alternativeregulatory options for emerging technologies; rules


455.068     Applicabilityof construction standards to winery


455.070     Reportof suspected code violation; rules; form; appeal


455.080     Inspectormay require proof of compliance


455.085     Publication;readability; funding


455.090     Buildingcodes information and services system or network


455.095     Electronicaccess to building codes information and services


455.097     Electronicaccess system development and implementation; uniform form and format forelectronic exchange of building program information; waiver of contrary formand format requirements; rules




455.100     Dutiesof director


455.110     Otherduties of director; rules


455.112     Eliminationof unclear, duplicative, conflicting or inadequate provisions; rules


(Licensesand Other Authorizations)


455.117     Adoptionof rules governing licensing, certification or registration


455.122     Combinationsof licenses; rules


455.125     Denial,suspension, conditioning or revocation of license, certificate, registration orother authorization


455.127     Disqualificationfrom obtaining license, registration, certificate or certification


455.129     Additionalgrounds for denial, suspension, conditioning or revocation of license,certificate, registration or application




455.132     BuildingCodes Structures Board; duties; membership


455.135     Residentialand Manufactured Structures Board; duties; membership


455.138     Electricaland Elevator Board; duties; membership


455.140     MechanicalBoard; duties; membership


455.144     Terms;compensation; positions; quorum; meetings; rules; removal of members;confirmation




455.148     Comprehensivemunicipal building inspection programs; building officials; rules; programduration, plan, failure, abandonment and resumption


455.150     Selectivemunicipal building inspection programs; building officials; rules; programduration, plan, failure and abandonment; limitation on program resumption


455.152     Objectionsto municipal assumption of building inspection program


455.153     Municipalauthority to administer specialty code or building requirements; effect onjurisdiction of agencies


455.154     Alternativepermit and inspection program


455.155     Statewidepermit and inspection system for minor construction work


455.156     Municipalinvestigation and enforcement of certain violations; notice of civil penalty;department to develop programs; defense for violation of building inspectionprogram


455.157     Processfor municipal imposition of monetary penalties


455.158     Verificationof required license prior to issuance of permit


455.160     Failureto provide timely inspections or plan reviews prohibited; demand; mandamus


455.165     Standardsfor building codes information collected and maintained by municipalities;rules


455.170     Directormay delegate certain duties; fees


455.180     Dutyof city, county to issue building permit; restriction




455.210     Fees;appeal of fees; surcharge; reduced fees; rules


455.220     Surchargeon building permit fees; collection; deposit; use


455.230     Useof Consumer and Business Services Fund moneys


455.240     Revenuesfrom sales of building codes publications; use




455.310     Single-familyresidence repair and maintenance exempt from codes; exemption itemized


455.312     Exemptionfrom code of residential prefabricated structures for out-of-state delivery


455.315     Exemptionof agricultural buildings, agricultural grading and equine facilities


455.320     Owner-builtdwellings exempt from certain structural code provisions; recording of exemption


(Exemptionsin Rural Areas)


455.325     Definitionsfor ORS 455.325 to 455.350


455.330     Countiesauthorized to exempt owner-built dwellings in rural areas from structural code


455.335     Ruralareas to be mapped; building permit issuance for exempt dwellings limited


455.340     Coderequirements to which exemption may not apply


455.345     Permit,fee, plan check and inspection provisions apply; notice of noncompliance toowner-builder; recording of notice; notice to purchasers


455.350     Purchaser’sremedies




455.355     Rulesgoverning mercury thermostats




455.360     Carbonmonoxide alarms




455.380     Departmentas final authority on farmworker housing; rules; fees




455.390     Definitionsfor ORS 455.020, 455.390, 455.395 and 455.400


455.395     Admissibilityof data or agreements as evidence; immunity from certain causes of action


455.400     Effectof seismic rehabilitation provisions on exclusive remedy


(Temporaryprovisions relating to seismic rehabilitation of educational buildings, acuteinpatient care facilities, fire stations and police stations are compiled asnotes following ORS 455.400)




455.410     Relocatedbuildings; substantial compliance required; permits


455.412     Reviewof state building code provisions regarding certain smoke alarms and smokedetectors; rules


455.415     Identificationbadges


455.420     Individualelectric meters required in multifamily residential buildings; exceptions;standards


455.422     Newconstruction; recycling containers


455.425     Low-incomeelderly housing multiservice rooms required; standards; exceptions


455.430     Reciprocityfor prefabricated structures


455.440     Whensite soil analysis required; filing of report and notice; duty of transferor ofproperty; effect of failure to comply


455.445     Indoorair quality standards for public areas and office workplaces


455.446     Constructionof certain facilities and structures in tsunami inundation zone prohibited;establishment of zone; rules; exceptions


455.447     Regulationof certain structures vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis; rules


455.448     Entryand inspection of earthquake-damaged structures; warrant enforcement


455.449     Unsafecondition resulting from earthquake damage; abatement of nuisance; rules




455.450     Prohibitedacts