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43-30-103. Powers and duties of board.

It is the duty of, and the viticulture advisory board has the power to:

     (1)  Assess the potential, establish the priorities, and determine the proper direction for growth of the Tennessee grape industry;

     (2)  Make recommendations for a state viticultural plan;

     (3)  Administer programs generated by the state viticultural plan and approved by the general assembly, and administer other activities relating to the grape industry resulting from joint programs with other agencies, groups, or institutions;

     (4)  Cooperate with other local, state, and federal agencies, private or public, in joint efforts to benefit the growth of the grape industry;

     (5)  Provide administrative support in cooperation with appropriate state agencies to increase public awareness of Tennessee grape products, develop markets for those products, and stimulate the potential for tourism; and

     (6)  Identify legislation that will be needed to accomplish the board's goals and communicate these needs to the general assembly.

[Acts 1985, ch. 387, § 2.]