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7-58-103. Contracting with operators of approved systems.

(a)  Whenever the operator of an approved system proposes to take the solid wastes collected by the counties, cities and towns of Tennessee for the purpose of resource and fuel recovery, such counties, cities and towns are authorized, wherever the resource and fuel recovery is found to be desirable by the governing body of such political subdivision, to contract for the delivery of solid wastes to such operator at a designated processing plant or transfer station, including a transfer station constructed and operated by local government or private industry.

(b)  The term of any contract authorized by this section may extend beyond the elected term of the members of the governing body of such political subdivision, but in no event may such term exceed forty (40) years.

[Acts 1976, ch. 488, § 2; 1979, ch. 266, § 2; T.C.A., § 6-4102.]