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§11-16-6. License in one capacity only; no connection between different licensees; when brewer may act as distributor; credit and rebates proscribed; brewpub.

(a) No person shall be licensed in more than one capacity under the terms of this article, and there shall be no connection whatsoever between any retailer or distributor or brewer, and no person shall be interested directly or indirectly through the ownership of corporate stock, membership in a partnership, or in any other way in the business of a retailer, if such person is at the same time interested in the business of a brewer or distributor. A brewer whose place of brewing or manufacture is located within the state of West Virginia may act as distributor of his own product from such brewery, place of manufacture or bottling, but must have a distributor's license for distribution from a place other than the place of brewing or manufacture. A resident brewer or distributor may sell to a consumer for personal use and not for resale, draught beer in quantities of one-eighth, one-fourth and one-half barrels in the original containers.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any brewer, manufacturer or distributor to assist any retailer or for any retailer to accept assistance from any brewer, manufacturer or distributor any gifts or loans or forebearance of money or property of any kind, nature or description, or other thing of value or by the giving of any rebates or discounts of any kind whatsoever except as may be permitted by rule, regulation, or order promulgated by the commissioner in accordance with this article.

Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (b) above, a brewpub may manufacture and offer for retail sale non-intoxicating beer so long as the sale of the non-intoxicating beer is limited to the brewpub premises.