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State Codes and Statutes

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§15-1B-8. Enlisted personnel -- Generally.
(a) The qualification for enlistment and re-enlistment, the period of enlistment, re-enlistment and voluntary extension of enlistment, the period of service and the manner and form of transfer and discharge of enlisted personnel of the national guard shall be as prescribed by applicable federal law and regulations: Provided, That the governor may extend the period of any enlistment, re- enlistment, voluntary extension of enlistment and the period of service of enlisted personnel of the national guard for a period not exceeding the duration of an emergency declared by him pursuant to article one-c of this chapter.

(b) Any person who has been discharged under other than honorable conditions from the national guard of this or any other state or from any component of the armed forces of the United States and has not been restored to duty shall not be eligible for enlistment in the national guard.

(c) Every person enlisted for the national guard shall take an oath of allegiance to the state and the United States and shall sign an enlistment paper, which shall be forwarded to the adjutant general on such form as may be prescribed.

(d) The oath of allegiance referred to in subsection (c) of this section may be taken and signed before any commissioned officer of the armed forces of the United States.