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§16-35-6. Lead abatement contractor's duties.
A lead abatement contractor shall:

(1) Ensure that each of his or her employees or agents who will come in contact with lead or who will be responsible for a lead abatement project is licensed as required by this article;

(2) Ensure that each lead abatement project is supervised by a licensed lead abatement supervisor;

(3) Maintain sampling records for each contained work area of a lead abatement project until it meets the minimum clearance standards established by the director before allowing reoccupancy; and

(4) Keep a record of each lead abatement project and make the record available to the division and the divisions of commerce, labor, and environmental protection upon request. Records required by this subsection shall be kept for at least three years and shall include at a minimum:

(A) The name, address and license number of the individual who supervised the lead abatement project and each employee or agent who worked on the project;

(B) The location and design of the project, if applicable, and the amount of lead-containing material that was removed;

(C) The starting and completion date of each project and a summary of the procedures that were used to comply with all federal and state standards; and

(D) The name and address of each disposal site where lead-contaminated waste was deposited and the disposal site receipts.