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§18-10A-14. Duties of assistant director of social security disability determination section.
In addition to duties imposed by other federal and state laws, the assistant director shall:

(1) Ensure that each client of the agency who is denied benefits is

(a) Advised of his right to appeal an agency decision to an administrative law judge,

(b) Advised of proper procedures for filing and pursuing an appeal, and

(c) Encouraged to exercise his right of appeal when he feels a decision was made in error and is unjust;

(2) Promulgate rules establishing criteria for granting promotion and salary increases which are to be based on merit;

(3) Prepare and submit to the state board, and the social security disability board, an annual report showing compliance and noncompliance with the provisions of this section. A copy of the report shall be filed with the secretary of state's office to be made available for public inspection;

(4) Ensure that physicians evaluating medical impairments are qualified by experience and educational specialty to make proper medical judgments on the medical impairments they are assigned to evaluate; and

(5) Ensure that the evaluation of the claimant's personal physician is given due consideration in the disability determination process.