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§18-10L-5. Funding.
(a) There is hereby created in the state treasury a special fund designated the "Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Fund". The fund shall be an appropriated account within the division of rehabilitation services and the moneys shall be expended exclusively for the purposes of this article.

(b) Funds made available for programs under this article may be used only for the planning, designing, delivering and administering of personal assistance services and training. The division of rehabilitation services may use not more than seven percent of the total allocation for administrative costs.

(c) The division of rehabilitation services may apply for and use all funding sources to carry out this program, including state and federal funds, program fees and other allocated moneys.

(d) Funds shall be disbursed in a manner that ensures maximum consumer control of the services provided under the program.

(e) Personal assistance services shall be available only to the extent funding is available through annual appropriations of state, federal and other allotted funds.

(f) Funds or services provided to eligible individuals by the personal assistance services program under this article shall not be considered as income to those individuals for any purpose under this code or under the rules of any agency of state government.