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§18-2-29. Competitive grant program for selected schools and school districts.

The state board shall establish no later than the school year one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine--ninety, a competitive grant program whereby schools may be awarded grants to implement exemplary and innovative programs designed to improve instruction.

Applications for awarding competitive grants which include one or more of the following considerations shall be given priority: (a) Whether local community resources have been committed to work in partnership with the school to implement the program, (b) whether the program involves extending the school year, (c) whether the program is for remediation, (d) whether the proposal will implement an early childhood program pursuant to section eighteen-c, article five of this chapter, (e) whether the proposal will implement a beginning teacher assistance program, (f) whether the school has probationary or nonapproval accreditation status, and, (g) how the program will be evaluated based on measurable performance criteria such as: Student achievement gain; student attendance; teacher attendance; parent participation; reduction in the amount of paperwork required of teachers; and any other factor promoting the attainment of full accreditation for the school or the school district.

The state board shall promulgate rules which ensure that the school or school district utilizes these funds appropriately. The state board shall encourage the donation of funds from private and other sources to augment state funding for the program.