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State Codes and Statutes

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§18A-4-9. Payment of teachers and other employees; withholdings.

Teachers and all other employees whose salaries or wages are payable out of the school current fund shall be paid for their services by orders duly signed by the president and secretary of the board in accordance with the following provisions: Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter and chapter eighteen, the number of pays to be made during the school year to the various classes of employees shall be determined by the board: Provided, That the sum of such pays for any employee does not exceed the equivalent of an annual salary based upon twelve calendar months. In the event a teacher or other employee is not paid the full salary or wage earned in the fiscal year in which the work is performed, the unpaid amount may be paid during July and August of the following fiscal year. Adjustments for time loss due to absence may be made in the next paycheck following such time loss.

The county board may withhold the pay of any teacher or employee until he has made the reports required by the board or the state superintendent.

Accompanying the pay of each employee shall be an accounting of gross earnings, all withholdings and the dollar value of all benefits provided by the state on behalf of the employee.