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§24D-1-19. Recording of subscriber complaints.
(a) Every cable operator shall keep a record or log of all complaints received regarding quality of service, rates, programming, equipment malfunctions, billing procedure, employee relations with customers and similar matters as may be prescribed by the commission. The records shall be maintained for a period of two years.

(b) The record or log shall contain the following information for each complaint received:

(1) Date, time, nature of complaint;

(2) Name, address, telephone number of complainant;

(3) Investigation of complaint; and

(4) Manner and time of resolution of complaint.

(c) Consistent with the subscriber privacy provisions contained in 47 U.S.C. §551 as the same is in effect on the effective date of this chapter, every cable operator shall make the logs or records, or both, of such complaints available to any authorized agent of the commission and the franchising authority, upon request during normal business hours for on-site review.