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§30-1-8b. Mediation of complaints.
(a) Any board referred to in this chapter may, on its own motion or by stipulation of the parties, refer any complaints against persons licensed under this chapter to mediation.

(b) Any board may maintain a list of mediators with expertise in professional disciplinary matters or may obtain a list from the West Virginia center for dispute resolution or the West Virginia state bar's mediator referral service. The board shall designate a mediator from the list by neutral rotation.

(c) The mediation is not considered a proceeding open to the public and any reports and records introduced at the mediation are not part of the public record. The mediator and all participants in the mediation shall maintain and preserve the confidentiality of all proceedings and records. The mediator may not be subpoenaed or called to testify or otherwise be subject to process requiring disclosure of confidential information in any proceeding relating to or arising out of the disciplinary or licensure matter mediated: Provided, That any confidentiality agreement and any written agreement made and signed by the parties as a result of mediation may be used in any proceedings subsequently instituted to enforce the written agreement. The agreements may be used in other proceedings if the parties agree to the use in writing.

(d) The mediation may not be used to delay any disciplinary proceeding.