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§30-20-4. West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy continued; members, terms, meetings, officers, oath, compensation and expenses; general provisions.
(a) The West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy is continued and consists of five members appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(b) The members of the board in office on the first day of January, two thousand seven, shall, unless sooner removed, continue to serve until their terms expire and until their successors have been appointed and have qualified.

(c) Members shall be appointed for staggered terms of five years or until their successors have been appointed and have qualified. Any vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Governor for the unexpired term of the member whose office is vacant and the appointment shall be made within sixty days of the occurrence of the vacancy. The Governor may remove any member of the board for incompetency, neglect of duty, gross immorality or malfeasance in office.

(d) Each member of the board is required to:

(1) Be licensed under the provisions of this article or under the former provisions of this article;

(2) Have at least three years' experience as a physical therapist; and

(3) Be actively engaged in the practice of physical therapy.

(e) Members may only serve for two consecutive full terms. A member completing a term on and after the thirtieth day of June, two thousand seven, may not be reappointed if the term the member has just completed is the second of two consecutive full terms. A member who has served two consecutive terms may be appointed to another term only after at least two years have passed since the member's last term.

(f) Before entering upon the performance of his or her duty, each member shall take and subscribe to the oath prescribed by section five, article IV of the constitution of this state.

(g) The board shall elect from its membership a chairperson and secretary who serve at the will and pleasure of the board.

(h) A majority of the members of the board is a quorum.

(i) The board shall meet at least once annually to transact business. Meetings shall be held at the call of the chairperson or upon the written request of three members at the time and place as designated in the call or request.

(j) Members may be paid compensation and reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses as provided in section eleven, article one of this chapter, which compensation and expenses shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of this article.