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§30-7-4. Organization and meetings of board; quorum; powers and duties generally; executive secretary; funds.
The board shall meet at least once each year and shall elect from its members a president and a secretary. The secretary shall also act as treasurer of the board. The board may hold such other meetings during the year as it may deem necessary to transact its business. A majority, including one officer, of the board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. The board is hereby authorized and empowered to:

(a) Adopt and, from time to time, amend such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this article, as may be necessary to enable it to carry into effect the provisions of this article;

(b) Prescribe standards for educational programs preparing persons for licensure to practice registered professional nursing under this article;

(c) Provide for surveys of such educational programs at such time as it may deem necessary;

(d) Accredit such educational programs for the preparation of practitioners of registered professional nursing as shall meet the requirements of this article and of the board;

(e) Deny or withdraw accreditation of educational programs for failure to meet or maintain prescribed standards required by this article and by the board;

(f) Examine, license and renew the licenses of duly qualified applicants;

(g) Conduct hearings upon charges calling for discipline of a licensee or revocation or suspension of a license;

(h) Keep a record of all proceedings of the board;

(i) Make a biennial report to the governor;

(j) Appoint and employ a qualified person, who shall not be a member of the board, to serve as executive secretary to the board;

(k) Define the duties and fix the compensation for the executive secretary; and

(l) Employ such other persons as may be necessary to carry on the work of the board.

The executive secretary shall possess all of the qualifications prescribed in section three for members of the board, except that he or she shall (a) have had at least eight years of experience in the practice of registered professional nursing since graduation from a college or university, at least five of which shall have been devoted to the teaching in or to the administration of an educational program for the preparation of practitioners of registered nursing, or to a combination of such teaching and administration, and (b) shall have been actively engaged in the practice of registered professional nursing for at least five years preceding his or her appointment by the board.

All fees and other moneys collected by the board pursuant to the provisions of this article shall be kept in a separate fund and expended solely for the purpose of this article. No part of this special fund shall revert to the general funds of this state. The compensation provided by this article and all expenses incurred under this article shall be paid from this special fund. No compensation or expense incurred under this article shall be a charge against the general funds of this state.