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§32-4-413. Administrative files and opinions.
(a) A document is filed when it is received by the commissioner.

(b) The commissioner shall keep a register of all notice filings and all applications for registration and registration statements which are or have ever been effective under this chapter and all denial, suspension or revocation orders which have been entered under this chapter. The register shall be open for public inspection.

(c) The information contained in or filed with any registration statement, application or report may be made available to the public under rules prescribed by the commissioner.

(d) Upon request and at such reasonable charges as he or she prescribes, the commissioner shall furnish to any person photostatic or other copies (certified under his or her seal of office if requested) of any entry in the register or any document which is a matter of public record. In any proceeding or prosecution under this chapter, any copy so certified is prima facie evidence of the contents of the entry or document certified.

(e) The commissioner in his or her discretion may honor requests from interested persons for interpretative opinions. Copies of the opinions shall be filed in a special file maintained for that purpose and shall be public records available for public inspection. The commissioner shall charge a one hundred-dollar fee for each interpretative opinion.