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221.0204 Temporary organization. The chairperson of the incorporators shall preside at all meetings and shall exercise other duties that are ordinarily performed by a chairperson. The secretary shall manage the correspondence of the incorporators, record fully all proceedings of the meetings of the incorporators, file and preserve all documents and papers of the organization, and file any necessary papers with the division. The treasurer shall receive all moneys paid in on subscriptions to stock or for other purposes, keep a true account thereof, deposit these funds in the designated depository, and pay such valid orders as may be drawn on the treasurer. The incorporators shall require a bond in a suitable amount from the treasurer and from other officers and agents who may handle the funds of the proposed bank. The incorporators shall audit claims against the proposed bank and record of action on these claims in the minutes. If a claim is ordered paid, an order shall be drawn upon the treasurer and signed by the chairperson and secretary. Until the completion of the organization of the proposed bank, the incorporators may exercise the powers conferred upon incorporators of corporations under ch. 180, to the extent that these powers are not in conflict with this chapter.

221.0204 - ANNOT.

History: 1995 a. 336.