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289.25 Environmental review.


(1) Preliminary determination if environmental impact statement is required. Immediately after the department determines that the feasibility report is complete, the department shall issue a preliminary determination on whether an environmental impact statement is required under s. 1.11 prior to the determination of feasibility. If the department determines after review of the feasibility report that a determination of feasibility cannot be made without an environmental impact statement or if the department intends to require an environmental impact report under s. 23.11 (5), the department shall notify the applicant in writing within the 60-day period of these decisions and shall commence the process required under s. 1.11 or 23.11 (5).


(2) Environmental impact statement process. If an environmental impact statement is required, the department shall conduct the hearing required under s. 1.11 (2) (d) in an appropriate place it designates in a county, city, village or town which would be substantially affected by the operation of the proposed facility. The hearing on the environmental impact statement is not a contested case. The department shall issue its determination of the adequacy of the environmental impact statement within 30 days after the close of the hearing. Except as provided under s. 293.43, the department shall complete any environmental impact statement process required under s. 1.11 before proceeding with the feasibility report review process under sub. (3) and ss. 289.26 and 289.27.


(3) Notification on feasibility report and preliminary environmental impact statement decisions. Immediately after the department issues a preliminary determination that an environmental impact statement is not required or, if it is required, immediately after the department issues the environmental impact statement, the department shall publish a class 1 notice under ch. 985 in the official newspaper designated under s. 985.04 or 985.05 or, if none exists, in a newspaper likely to give notice in the area of the proposed facility. The notice shall include a statement that the feasibility report and the environmental impact statement process are complete. The notice shall invite the submission of written comments by any person within 30 days after the notice for a solid waste disposal facility or within 45 days after the notice for a hazardous waste facility is published. The notice shall describe the methods by which a hearing may be requested under ss. 289.26 (1) and 289.27 (1). The department shall distribute copies of the notice to the persons specified under s. 289.32.

289.25 - ANNOT.

History: 1995 a. 227 ss. 552, 991.