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35.87 Sales of legislative documents.


(1) The legislature may provide as a service to paid subscribers routine distribution of copies of all bills, joint resolutions, amendments, acts, journals, bulletins of proceedings and hearing bulletins printed for the legislature.


(2) If the service is provided, the biennial fee, effective January 1 of each odd-numbered year, for subscription to the complete legislative document distribution service shall be $500. If the service is provided, the joint committee on legislative organization may authorize portions of the service to be provided separately, and may prescribe a biennial fee for each portion so provided. The sum of the biennial fees for all portions of the service provided separately may not be less than $500. Actual postage or delivery costs shall be added to the fee for those subscribers who do not pick up their documents.


(3) If the service is provided, the chief of the legislative reference bureau shall review the fee prescribed in this section on a biennial basis and, no later than December 1 of each even-numbered year, shall recommend to the joint committee any revision to the fee that the chief determines to be appropriate. The joint committee may thereafter recommend to the legislature revision of the fee prescribed in this subsection. The joint committee shall promptly transmit a copy of its recommendation to the secretary of administration.


(4) The joint committee on legislative organization shall determine the operational responsibility for the service authorized under this section, including the procedure for sale of the service, distribution of documents and the collection of fees. The officer designated by the legislature shall deposit all moneys received for subscriptions to the service into the general fund.

35.87 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 29; 1979 c. 34; 1995 a. 27.