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35.93 Wisconsin administrative code and register.


(1) The Wisconsin administrative code and register shall be published using the format and method of printing and binding determined by the legislative reference bureau. The notice section of the register and new rules filed by an agency whose rules have not been compiled and printed pursuant to this section may be duplicated in some other form than printing if the department and legislative reference bureau determine that it is administratively feasible to do so. The printing or other duplicating shall be performed or contracted by the department. The department may purchase and sell suitable binders for the code or parts thereof at a price not exceeding cost. The legislative reference bureau shall supervise the arrangement of materials in the Wisconsin administrative code and register, including the numbering of pages and sections. No part of the Wisconsin administrative code or register may be printed until the legislative reference bureau has approved the arrangement of materials and numbering of sections therein.


(2) In this section "rule" and "agency" have the meanings prescribed in s. 227.01.


(3) The legislative reference bureau shall compile and deliver to the department for printing copy for a register which shall contain all the rules filed since the compilation of rules for the preceding issue of the register was made and those executive orders which are to be in effect for more than 90 days or an informative summary thereof. The complete register shall be compiled and published before the first day of each month and a notice section of the register shall be compiled and published before the 15th day of each month. Each issue of the register shall contain a title page with the name "Wisconsin administrative register", the number and date of the register, and a table of contents. Each page of the register shall also contain the date and number of the register of which it is a part in addition to the other necessary code titles and page numbers. The legislative reference bureau may include in the register such instructions or information as in the bureau's judgment will help the user to correctly make insertions and deletions in the code and to keep the code current.


(4) Each issue of the Wisconsin administrative register shall contain a notice section in which shall be printed the notices of hearings on rule making which agencies have transmitted to the legislative reference bureau for that purpose, statements of scope of proposed rules under s. 227.135, notices of submittal to the legislative council staff under s. 227.14 (4m), notices of intent to promulgate rules without a public hearing under s. 227.16 (2) (e), notices of referrals of proposed rules to presiding officers under s. 227.19 (2), notices of emergency rules in effect, fiscal estimates for rule-making orders under s. 227.14 (4) and such other notices as may be required by law or determined by the legislative reference bureau to be appropriate.


(5) The department shall determine, on the basis of the distribution requirements under s. 35.84 and probable sales demands, the number of copies of each part of the code and each issue of the register to be printed.


(6) The department shall sell the code, issues of the register or parts of either of them at a price to be determined by it, which shall include the proportionate cost per copy of preparation and manufacturing as determined by the legislative reference bureau, and the cost of sale and distribution specified in s. 35.80. State employee personnel costs shall be excluded from preparation costs. The department may establish the price of the code or of the register or parts thereof on an annual basis.


(7) A subscriber is not entitled to a refund of any part of any advance payment for the code or the register. The department shall notify each subscriber when a further payment is due.


(8) The legislative reference bureau shall prepare and the department shall publish a table of contents and an index of all the rules in effect which have been compiled and printed under this section. The table of contents and index shall be recompiled and reprinted annually. They shall be printed in the same page size as the administrative code. The department shall distribute one copy of the table of contents and index free to each subscriber to the register or parts thereof.


(9) The department shall charge the legislature under s. 20.765 (1) (d) for the cost of distribution of the code and the register, including the costs specified in s. 35.80, and shall deposit all revenues received from their sale into the general fund.


(10) State agencies may purchase from the department as many copies of their part or parts of the code or copies of the register as they require for their own use or for distribution, and shall pay the department therefor at the price established under sub. (6).

35.93 - ANNOT.

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