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60.31 Official oath and bond.


(1) Official oath. Except as provided in sub. (3), every elected or appointed town officer shall take and file the oath under s. 19.01 within 5 days after notification of election or appointment.


(2) Official bond. Every town clerk, deputy town clerk, town treasurer, deputy town treasurer, elected assessor and town constable shall execute and file an official bond provided by the town or by sufficient sureties, or the town may provide a schedule or blanket bond that includes any or all of these officials. The official bond or schedule or blanket bond provided by the town may be furnished by a surety company under s. 632.17 (2). The amount of the bond shall be fixed by the town board. If the amount of the bond is not fixed by the board, the amount shall be the same as that required of the last incumbent of the office. If the town board at any time determines that the bond is insufficient, it may require an additional bond to be filed within 10 days, in an amount fixed by the board.


(3) Exceptions.


(a) An elected assessor shall take and file the official oath and bond at any time between May 27 to May 31.


(b) Municipal judges shall take and file the official oath and bond under s. 755.03.


(4) Failure to file oath or bond. If any person elected or appointed to a town office fails to file a required official oath or bond within the time prescribed by law, the failure to file constitutes refusal to serve in office.

60.31 - ANNOT.

History: 1983 a. 532; 1991 a. 39; 1993 a. 246.