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62.51 Mayoral appointments in 1st class cities.


(1) In this section:


(a) "Public office" means the following positions or their equivalent: city engineer; city purchasing agent; commissioner of building inspection, of city development, of health or of public works; director of administration, of budget and management, of community development agency, of employee relations, of office of telecommunications, or of safety; emergency management coordinator; employee benefits administrator; executive director of the commission on community relations; municipal port director; commissioner of assessments; director of liaison; city personnel director; executive director of the retirement board; executive director of the city board of election commissioners; city librarian; city labor negotiator; executive secretary of the board of fire and police commissioners; and supervisor of the central electronics board.


(b) "Public official" means a person appointed to a public office under this section.


(2) In any 1st class city, the mayor shall appoint, subject to confirmation of the common council, a person to serve in the unclassified service in each public office. A public official serves at the pleasure of the mayor until the end of the mayoral term of office during which the public official is appointed unless reappointed and reconfirmed or until a successor is appointed and confirmed, whichever is later. The mayor shall make appointments under this subsection within 90 days after taking office or within 90 days after a vacancy in the public office occurs, whichever is later. The common council shall vote on confirmation of any appointment under this subsection within 45 days after that appointment.


(3) If a 1st class city authorizes the position of deputy for a public office, the public official in that office shall appoint a person to serve in the unclassified service as deputy. That deputy shall serve at the pleasure of the public official, but not longer than the public official's term of office unless reappointed.


(4) This section does not affect the authority of a 1st class city to abolish, consolidate or create a public office or other position.

62.51 - ANNOT.

History: 1987 a. 289, 382; 1989 a. 31; 1991 a. 156; 1995 a. 247; 1999 a. 150 s. 302; Stats. 1999 s. 62.51.