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63.06 Rights of employees in military service. Any person in the classified service in any such county who is now or hereafter becomes an active member of the military or naval forces of the United States during a period officially proclaimed to be a national emergency or limited national emergency or under P.L. 87-117, shall be granted leave of absence, such leave to be continuous for the duration of the existing emergency or duty, plus 90 days. Service toward seniority or salary advancement shall be deemed not to be interrupted by such military service, provided that persons occupying a probationary status upon commencing such military leave shall revert to such status upon reinstatement. Application for reinstatement shall be made within 90 days from honorable discharge from the military service. Evidence of honorable discharge shall be presented to the civil service commission with such application. The position of the person so on leave shall not be filled except by appointment through the certification of the persons next eligible. Upon application of the person so on leave and presentation of evidence of such honorable discharge and of such evidence of physical fitness to perform the duties of the position formerly occupied as shall be satisfactory to the civil service commission the person shall be reinstated in the position formerly occupied by the person or in a position having similar character and standards of duties and compensation, if such military service was not for more than 4 years unless extended by law. The person appointed to fill such position during the absence of the person so on military leave shall, upon the latter's reinstatement, be transferred to a similar position if one is available, or if not, that person's name shall be placed on the appropriate reinstatement list in accordance with the rules of the civil service commission.

63.06 - ANNOT.

History: 1991 a. 316.