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703.115 Local review of condominium instruments.


(1) A county may adopt an ordinance to require the review of condominium instruments before recording by persons employed by the county of recording or by a city, village or town that is located in whole or in part in the county of recording if the ordinance does all of the following:


(a) Requires the review to be completed within 10 working days after submission of the condominium instrument and provides that, if the review is not completed within this period, the condominium instrument is approved for recording.


(b) Provides that a condominium instrument may be rejected only if it fails to comply with the applicable requirements of ss. 703.095, 703.11 (2) (a), (c) and (d) and (3), 703.275 (5) and 703.28 (1m) or if the surveyor's certificate under s. 703.11 (4) is not attached to or included in the condominium plat.


(c) If the person performing the review approves the condominium instrument, requires the person to certify approval in writing, accompanied by his or her signature and title.


(2) An ordinance adopted under this section may authorize the county to charge a fee that reflects the actual cost of performing the review.

703.115 - ANNOT.

History: 1997 a. 333.