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88.62 Conditions relative to doing of work.


(1) The drainage board may authorize the drainage district to do its own work or the board may enter into contracts to have the work done. The board may advertise for bids and shall do so in all cases where the work to be done will cost in excess of $25,000. When the board is required to advertise for bids, the board shall publish a class 2 notice, under ch. 985, and other notices that the board considers appropriate, and the work shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder unless in the board's opinion the bid is unreasonably high and a lower bid can be obtained. The board may continue the letting of the work from time to time, and may reject any or all bids.


(2) Before the board or its contractor may enter on lands for the construction of any drain on the lands, any damages awarded to the owners of the lands in excess of assessments against the lands for the cost of construction must have been paid or tendered. If the owner is unknown or the board for any other reason cannot safely pay the owner, it may deposit the net damages in an escrow account for the benefit of the owner or other party who is entitled to the damages, to be paid or distributed when payment can be made to the owner or other party or released after 5 years, whichever occurs first. Notwithstanding ch. 177, any funds not claimed in 5 years may be retained by the drainage board for the benefit of the drainage district for which the funds are held, after the board publishes a class 2 notice under ch. 985 and mails notice to the last-known address of each owner or other party regarding the existence of the unclaimed funds. The payment has the same effect as a tender to and acceptance of damages by the person entitled to the damages.




(a) If drainage work is undertaken in navigable waters, the drainage board shall obtain a permit under s. 30.20 or 88.31 or ch. 31, as directed by the department of natural resources, except as provided in par. (b).


(b) If drainage work is undertaken in navigable waters located in the Duck Creek Drainage District, the board for that district shall obtain a permit under s. 30.20 or ch. 31, as directed by the department of natural resources.

88.62 - ANNOT.

History: 1987 a. 275; 1991 a. 316; 1993 a. 456; 1999 a. 9; 2007 a. 122.