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961.235 Records relating to sales of pseudoephedrine products.


(1) In this section, "records of pseudoephedrine sales" means records required under s. 961.23 (4) with respect to the sale of a pseudoephedrine product.


(2) Records of pseudoephedrine sales may be kept in either a paper or electronic format and shall be maintained by the pharmacy for at least 2 years. Except as provided in sub. (3), only a pharmacist may have access to records of pseudoephedrine sales and information contained in those records.


(3) A pharmacist shall make records required under s. 961.23 (4) available to a law enforcement officer who requests them. Law enforcement officers may make those records available to other persons or redisclose information from those records to other persons only in connection with a criminal investigation or prosecution under this chapter.

961.235 - ANNOT.

History: 2005 a. 14, 262.