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25-3-101. Persons to be confined; notice; transportation to school.


(a) Any boy who has attained the age of twelve (12) years andwho has been ordered committed in compliance with W.S. 14-6-229 may becommitted to the Wyoming boys' school. The term of any boy committed shall bedetermined by the department of family services.


(b) Any person may be sentenced or transferred to the boys'school pursuant to W.S. 7-13-101.


(c) After a person is committed or sentenced to the Wyomingboys' school the clerk of court shall notify the department of family servicesand the superintendent of the institution. The department of family servicesshall arrange for transportation.


25-3-102. Repealed by Laws 1987, ch. 200, 1.



25-3-103. Discipline to be reformatory; employment of residents; saleof products for public use or in open market; disposition of proceeds.



(a) The discipline in the Wyoming boys' school shall bereformatory. Residents of the school may be employed as a means of theirsupport and reformation.


(b) All articles manufactured and produced, or all agriculturalproducts grown by or through the labor of residents of the school not requiredfor use of the school, may be furnished to:


(i) The state;


(ii) Any public institution owned, managed or controlled by thestate;


(iii) The transportation commission for use on any roads orhighways;


(iv) The county authorities of any county.


(c) The department of family services shall fix the prices ofthe articles and products which shall be paid upon requisition of the properofficials. The department may sell in the open market or any other manner anyor all products grown or produced by residents within or without the boys'school that are not sold for public use.


(d) All monies received by the department from the sale ofproducts manufactured, produced or grown by the residents of the boys' schoolshall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the general fund.


25-3-104. Transfer of residents to state hospital; rules andregulations governing residents.



(a) The department of family services may, with the approval ofthe department of health, transfer any resident who becomes mentallyincompetent to the Wyoming state hospital.


(b) The department shall make all rules and regulationsnecessary and proper for:


(i) Employment, discipline, instruction and education ofresidents;


(ii) Mental and physical health and welfare of residents;


(iii) Transfer and return of residents; and


(iv) Work release for residents who are not subject to W.S.7-16-301 through 7-16-311, home visitation or temporary residence outside theschool enclosure.


25-3-105. Control over residents; preparation of personal record;rehabilitation plan and periodic reviews thereof; contents of record.


Thedepartment of family services shall maintain control over all persons committedto the boys' school to prevent the persons from committing crime, best securetheir self-support and accomplish their reformation. When a person is admittedto the school, the superintendent shall prepare a record of the personalhistory of the resident, including his age, family and social background,education and prior training and employment. Based upon all pertinentinformation available, the superintendent shall prepare an individualizedrehabilitation plan which shall be part of the resident's record. Periodicreviews of the resident's progress and appropriate modifications of hisrehabilitation plan shall be made by the superintendent and entered on theresident's record. The status of each resident shall be reported to himperiodically. All orders affecting the resident, the circumstance of his finalrelease and any new developments concerning his personal history shall beincluded in his record.


25-3-106. Release of resident.


Afterthe department of family services has made a finding that a boy should bereleased from the Wyoming boys' school, it shall give advance notification ofthe pending release to the court which ordered commitment. Upon the boy'srelease the department shall issue him an administrative discharge.