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25-8-101. Purpose.


Exceptas otherwise authorized by rules and regulations promulgated in accordance withW.S. 9-2-106(d), the purpose of the pioneer home and the Wyoming retirementcenter is to provide a place for the care and maintenance of residents of thisstate who are afflicted with the infirmities of old age.


25-8-102. Powers and duties of department of health.



(a) The department of health may:


(i) Construct, maintain, equip, operate and manage the pioneerhome and the Wyoming retirement center;


(ii) Purchase, rent or otherwise provide the equipment,materials or supplies necessary to carry out the purposes hereof;


(iii) Dispose of equipment, materials and supplies no longerrequired in the operations of the pioneer home or the Wyoming retirementcenter;


(iv) Adopt rules and regulations for the admission, conduct anddischarge of residents;


(v) Accept gifts on behalf of the state for the use of thepioneer home and the Wyoming retirement center;


(vi) Provide medical care for residents of the Wyomingretirement center.


25-8-103. Conditions for admission; charges for care.


Admissionto the pioneer home and the Wyoming retirement center shall be voluntary andonly upon prior approval by the department of health. Indigent aged persons maybe cared for without charge. Nonindigent aged persons may be cared for underterms and conditions fixed by the department pursuant to W.S. 25-11-101 through25-11-108.


25-8-104. Receipt and disposition of revenues and gifts.


Allrevenues received from the operation of the pioneer home and the Wyomingretirement center and from gifts given for the general purpose of the pioneerhome and the Wyoming retirement center shall be paid over to the statetreasurer and deposited in the general fund. Gifts given for a specific purposeshall be kept in a separate account to be expended by the department of healthfor the specific purpose.